Everyone who knows me—or reads me—knows that I’m all about the finest of the finer things in life, and that my pampering predilections include regular trips to the spa.  While a full-body rubdown is always a special treat, I try not to forget to also schedule routine treatments above the neck, such as the 50-minute Gentlemen’s Hot Towel Facial at Spa Las Palmas at Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage.  “I have had many clients that are surprised just how soothing a facial is,” says Spa Las Palmas Lead Esthetician Randall.  “Several have confided that it is their treatment of choice, and that they find it more relaxing than a massage.”

Randall really is one of the best in the biz, and each time I pay him a visit, I surrender and luxuriate, knowing that my face is in good hands.  We begin with Randall analyzing my skin and gently laying on the hot towels that punctuate the treatment throughout.  He then applies cream to my arms, hands, and feet, placing warm mitts and boots on me to heighten the experience and its therapeutic effects.  Next comes massaging my neck, shoulders, and face under steam before cleansing those same areas using a special Clarisonic vibrating brush.  Once my dead skill cells have been exfoliated and debris extracted from my pores, Randall applies tonics and moisturizers to complete the cure, making sure to explain as he goes and answer any of my questions regarding what I’ve just undergone and what I can do at home to take good care of my skin until my next visit.

According to Randall, the dual benefits of a facial—the relaxing aspect, plus the fact that your skin is left looking, feeling, and being healthier—are what make regular visits to professionals like himself so important.  “The health of the skin on our face is very often neglected and ignored yet it can receive the most abuse due to exposure, our lifestyle, and the environment,” he adds.  “Having a facial can equate to taking an oral supplement for the body.

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