A Spa Day for Two at Rancho Las Palmas

Potter:  What an amazing day!  I had such a great time sharing a spa day in our hometown of Rancho Mirage at Rancho Las Palmas’ newly renovated spa with you, my fellow Rancho Mirage blogger pal Diana Dodge.

Diana:  Indeed!  What a day—and evening—it was.  Potter, it was such a bright idea for us to decide to do a little extra bonding at the superbly renovated spa that I’ve been going to for years.  They have a wonderful weekly Wednesday night event called “Spa Under the Stars” where they offer discounted treatments (many for only $99 for 50 minutes of pure heaven), complimentary champagne, wine, and soft drinks, a delectable selection of tapas, and a gorgeous guitar serenade.  Both resort guests and local residents of the Palm Springs Valley are always invited.   And I’ll tell you, it’s a great way to transition from day to dusk, and into the night!

Potter:  Diana and I had very similar treatments, both opting for the Desert Date inDulgence package.  Starting off with the DDiD Scrub + Wrap, my therapist Phil gave me an invigorating Date Cranberry Sugar Scrub, which “polished” my skin.  The Milk + Honey Hydrating Wrap with luxuriating heated towels was accompanied by an amazingly relaxing scalp and neck massage.

Diana:  I have to say, my full-body Desert Rose indulgence Massage was my favorite.  Caroleena treated me with a Sweet Red Rose anti-oxidant, along with a hydrating jojoba lotion that worked out every kink and—truth be told, almost put me to sleep.

Potter:  We compared notes afterward and found that both Desiree and Randall performed almost identical Desert Rose inDulgence Facials on us.  (Yes, real men can and DO indulge in rose facials!)  I was especially intrigued by the Clarisonic Skincare pulsing brush that was used to gently slough away dead skin and refresh my face.   We both felt positively radiant afterward.

Diana:  And I loved the NuFace (Microcurrent Facial Toning Device) treatment that Desiree used to help tighten up my face and neck.  And with both of these skincare products available in the spa shop, I, of course, needed to check them out when I was finished.

Potter:  Yes, Diana does love her shopping!  I treated myself to a wonderful Voluspa candle whose fragrance mingles brut champagne with vanilla and barrel oak.

Diana:  Both of us felt like a million bucks when we were done, and topping off the relaxing time we had during our treatments, we both took ample advantage of all the other amazing amenities like cozy robes, fresh fruit and chilled water, separate whirlpool and saunas for men and women, and the most perfect private pool reserved exclusively for spa guests.

Potter:  And after a few hours of being primped and pampered that glass of champagne next to the pool was the perfect way to end the day.  Rancho Las Palmas Spa associates are masters at their craft and I can’t wait to do it again.

Diana:  Ditto.


Photo by: DavidALeePhotography.com

Photo by: DavidALeePhotography.com