Face it, when you get to be a citizen of a certain age, elephants in rooms are inevitable.  Copious cocktails combined with embarrassing encounters with exasperating exes are enough to elicit said jumbo Dumbo.

To witness a tusker sans tequila, just drive down Highway 111 in Rancho Mirage.   The beast of which I speak resides above the Rancho Super Car Wash.  He—she?—hovers high over the popular full-service enterprise, where hard-working technicians keep my pretty Porsche pristine.

But what’s happened to one of our most loved landmarks?  The pinkness of the people’s prized pachyderm is positively peeling off, showing stripped steel and preventing eastbound traffic from even reading the sign.  A bit bewildered, I placed a call to general manager Jesse Rojo to inquire if and when this elephant will be perked up with a little pink paint.  Thankfully, it will be.  It’s just a matter of time.  Because, of course, nothing is simple.  Aside from the expense (which is mammoth even in the sturdiest of economies), the sign will need to go through major dismantling prior to recoating.  The red, green, and blue neon must be removed, and workers need to ensure that everything is shored up and primed for more hellish heat, scorching sun, and the occasional wind and rain storm before restoration can be concluded.

Ever since it debuted in 1967, this familiar sight has brought a smile to my face—not to mention to that of even the most curmudgeonly in the community.  So here’s to a fancy facelift for Rancho Mirage’s rosy mascot—stat!

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