BBs at the River

There was a loud collective heavy sigh heard among foodies and bon vivants throughout Rancho Mirage, the Palm Springs Valley, and beyond late last year when it was revealed that Jerry and Barbara Keller—beloved local philanthropists who happen to have owned both Lulu California Bistro on Palm Springs’ main drag and sister eatery Acqua Pazza at The River—had decided to shut down the latter.

Well, all those hungry folks can rejoice anew because restaurateur Jack Srebnik—he who’s made culinary winners out of The Slice, JT’s Diner, and who co-owns both Maracas restaurants in the valley (with husband-and-wife team Todd and Flora Flood)—is taking over where the Kellers left off.

BB’s, as the new restaurant will be named, is a venture between Jack and investor Barbara Boyajian.  (I guess a man partnering with a woman named Barbara is the key to success in this prized location!)  Much like Lulu and Acqua Pazza, BB’s will offer contemporary California cuisine, with all manner of appetizers, salads, pizza, chicken, fish, and steak.  And a big old, fully stocked bar with a very happy happy hour, of course!

Jack and Barbara hope to have the place hopping by end of March.  Asked why he was so intent on moving into this space and setting up shop, Jack says simply, “This is the greatest restaurant location in the entire Palm Springs Valley!”  And to that, Diana and I say, “Cheers…and bon appétit!”


BBs at the River

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