Babe’s BBQ Hosts World Cup Viewing Parties

What we call soccer in America, the rest of the world refers to as football. But no matter what you call it, every four years those who follow the sport’s international roster of teams celebrate their favorites by cheering them on either in person (this year at multiple stadiums in the breathtakingly beautiful country of Brazil) or in groups small and large around televisions tuned to the latest World Cup game.

Right here in Rancho Mirage, my favorite barbeque and craft beer bistro—Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse—is hosting 2014 World Cup viewing parties morning, noon, and night, whenever the game is played live. As busy as my schedule always seems to be, I’ve been able to get myself over to Babe’s on numerous occasions, including on the morning of June 26, when Germany sadly defeated the USA. With a bar full of chanting patrons sipping on everything from strong coffee to Babe’s own Belgian Vanilla Blonde Ale or Blackfin Lager, we chowed down on breakfast burritos and all had a ball.

Obviously, this delightful dining establishment is not just for watching football, as its lunches, dinners, and happy hour specials are revered throughout the Palm Springs Valley. But be sure to keep it in mind whenever you’re in a sporty mood, from World Cup football to American football and all the other kinds of balls out there. You’ll always find friends with whom to cheer or commiserate as you quench your thirst or sate your hunger at Babe’s.