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In the five months since he opened bb’s at The River (in partnership with the eponymous investor Barbara Boyajian), owner Jack Srebnik has kept his ear to the ground, listening to customers weigh in with their likes, dislikes, and other opinions and suggestions.

The result is a just-released menu that not only boasts new, whimsical category headings but a host of never-before-seen items. “This menus is more fun, more family oriented,” says the veteran restaurateur, who owned and operated dining establishments in both New York and L.A. before fashioning his growing desert food and beverage empire, which, in addition to bb’s, includes The Slice, JT’s Diner, and Maracas (the latter of which he co-owns with Todd and Flora Flood). “This new menu has all the things my customers wanted to see, but all the favorites are still there.”

In an effort to make the menu more entertaining to navigate, Srebnik and his team use headings such as “Say hello to my little friends” (for small plates), “Salad bar, Schmaladbar!,” “Carb This!,” and “Dagwood” (for sandwiches). Just some of the dishes making their first appearance at bb’s include parmesan-herb calamari strips, cheesy garlic flat bread, a bacon avocado pizza, fettucine Alfredo with chicken, the ultimate meatloaf sandwich, the South Carolina cola pork chop, and a Sicilian chicken.

Furthermore, bb’s entire hamburger selection has been revamped. The best-selling Jack’s Burger (served with sautéed garlic and tomato plus smoked mozzarella) is now joined by a half-dozen other themed burgers such as the Timothy Leary (sautéed mushrooms, mozzarella, avocado), the Six Dudes Burger (smoked mozzarella, BBQ sauce, fried onion rings, avocado), and the Book ‘em Danno (teriyaki sauce and pineapple).

Lest some worry that the popular bb’s three-course, one price deal is a thing of the past, rest assured. It’s still there, still $19.95 from 4-6 p.m., still $22.95 from 6 p.m. to close. And remember, bb’s at The River doesn’t have Happy Hour—it has Happy Day! Same great prices open to close in the bar. For the entire lowdown on all things novel at bb’s,


bb's new menu

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