Brandini Toffee: Why I Love My Job

When they were 15-year-old high schoolers, current college seniors Brandon Weimer, 21, and Leah Post, 20, launched Rancho Mirage’s own, phenomenally fruitful Brandini Toffee using an old Weimer family recipe that perfectly combines butter, sugar, dark chocolate, and crushed organic almonds.  What began as the best buds’ effort to make money to help finance a trip to Italy bubbled into a booming business whose day-to-day operations are now run by their moms, Angela Weimer and Maggie Post, while the kids pursue higher education.  But that doesn’t mean the pair of young entrepreneurs don’t still keep a keen eye out from afar.  Trust me, they do!

When asked why he loves his job, Brandon lists watching the growth of a company started from scratch almost six years ago, as well as the gratification he gets when a fan/customer is almost as ecstatic as he is about Brandini’s evolution, products, and brand.  “It’s a job that I proudly don’t have to call a job or work,” he says.  “Toffee makes people happy.  Happy people make me happy.  Therefore, selling toffee makes me happy.”

Confirmed chocoholic Leah is enamored with her work not only because she believes in the Brandini brand but because owning a candy store feeds into her sweet tooth.  “Being able to eat candy whenever I want is such a sweet deal.  Who wouldn’t love that aspect about their job?”

Quick to credit the four adults who helped make Brandini (a moniker that’s an ode to Leah’s childhood nickname for Brandon) a reality, Leah mentions working alongside her mom and dad—as well as with her “other parents,” the Weimers—as high points.  The trial-and-error aspect of the business and its product development is also richly rewarding.  “When we started, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, or how a business worked—we didn’t even know how to drive yet!” she says.  “I love puzzles.  I love figuring out how to make things work.  To me, building a business was just that.  Being able to try, fail, and learn from mistakes is more gratifying than I think most people realize.”  And in MY humble opinion, their hard work has paid off sweetly.