bronzing at Agua

With such an embarrassment of abundant sunshine as we have in Rancho Mirage and the Palm Springs Valley, it’s easy for me to maintain a healthy, golden glow year-round. But sometimes, my busy schedule wreaks havoc with my perfect tan. And that’s when I head to Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa. Its luxurious Sunstone Spa is the only resort spa in Rancho Mirage to offer spray-tanning.

The treatment’s technical name is “Body Bronzing Glow,” and its cost is an ultra reasonable $65 for full body, or $45 for legs only. A “Shimmer Boost Enhancement”—basically, going for a darker shade of tan—is $10 extra.

Once applied, your spray tan will last for up to a week, as long as you keep body moisturizing to a maximum and heavy exfoliation to a minimum. The entire process at Sunstone—where a total of four therapists have been thoroughly trained to administer the treatment—takes about 20 minutes. While walk-ins are welcome, I always make an appointment, just to be on the safe side. The application of bronzer is safe for everyone (18 years and over only, please)—unless you’re one of the unfortunate few to be allergic.

A few “before and after” tips to remember are as follows: I always arrive for my appointment freshly showered, and free of oils, creams, or deodorant. I wear loose, dark clothing so as to minimize staining from the bronzer onto my apparel post-treatment. And I wait the full-suggested eight hours before showering post-application so that my spray tan “takes” most completely to my skin. One of the things I love the best about treating myself to this no-sun fun is that when I finally do take a shower, the dark bronzer vanishes down the drain, exposing the true, ravishing shade I’ll sport for the next seven days and nights.

A few more words to the wise: Most people think that, having received a spray tan, it’s safe to go out into the sun unprotected. In fact, it’s recommended that one not lie in the sun for extended periods at all, even if wearing sunblock.

For the record, I just love my glamor glow every time I indulge. Like a famous hair color brand used to say, I’m worth it! Aren’t you?

bronzing at Agua

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