Burgers and beer

What would you expect from a place christened Burgers & Beers? Meat between two buns plus a few brews, right? Well, this locally owned, Rancho Mirage family sports bar—located in the Monterey Marketplace on Dinah Shore Drive next to Home Depot and across from Costco (and part of a Palm Springs Valley chain a half-dozen outposts strong)—has all that…and much, much more.

Let’s start with the décor of the cavernous space that seats almost 250. Framed sports jerseys and posters representing every game save for boxing (hey, I mentioned it’s family-friendly, right?) hang alongside helmets of every stripe. An overhead ticker spews results and other trivia for all to see. But the kicker is that no less than 55 flat screen TVs have been installed to sate the hunger of sports spectators who come in droves to watch matches while grabbing a bite and wetting their whistle. That would be 22 sets hung overhead around the place, eight in the bar, two on the patio, and 23 in various booths around the restaurant. Oh, and I must mention that most of those booths are doubles that can accommodate a group of up to 12. If your party is larger than that, there’s Table Eight, an oversized oval slab that can seat 15.

But what about the burgers and beers, you may ask? Well, let’s begin at the bar. You’ll be overwhelmed by the 55 brands of bottled imported beers from 15 countries, including Jamaica, China, and Czechoslovakia (try spelling that backwards after a few brewskis). Add to that more than 50 domestic beers from 15 states—Utah, Hawaii, or Vermont, anyone?—plus 10 signature cocktails and all the usual mixed drinks suspects and you’ll see that the watering hole here is deep indeed. Oh, and happy hour happens every day of the week at Burgers & Beers.

In the dining room, the menu will gently assault you with a wide array of appetizers, 25 varieties of burgers, eight kinds of hot dogs, 19 sandwiches, and 12 salads. Burgers & Beers has Mexican and American breakfast specials, chicken meals, a children’s menu, fish dishes, Italian specialties, desserts of all sorts, and of course, soft drinks and wine.

Seriously, you have to see this place to believe it. Start by perusing the menu at www.burgersandbeers.com and plan your strategy wisely. If not, you could be here for a couple of days just trying to decide what to eat and drink!

Burgers and beer

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