Buying a Beautiful Baby Blue Bentley

Buying a Beautiful Baby Blue Bentley

Shopping inspiration comes in all shapes and forms.   You may remember the wonderful photo of some of my dear friends that illustrated the recent Woman’s Show at the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa—the one in which four fine women are all perfectly posing in one of the most beautiful baby blue Bentley convertibles that one has ever laid eyes upon.   Well, after the shoot, one of my pals, the perfectly precious Barbara Rogers, started thinking…

Since the lease on her luxury car was quickly coming to an end, what would it be like to drive off the lot of her favorite car dealership in the desert—Rancho Mirage’s Desert European Motorcars—with a new set of wheels?  Well, quicker than you can say the aforementioned “baby blue Bentley,” Barbara was barreling out of the parking lot in a car surprisingly similar to the one she had just been photographed in.  And the best part, the color of Barbara’s new Bentley perfectly matched her own baby blues!

It just goes to show you that you never know when you’ll find the perfect shopping opportunity, especially around the holidays.  But I know from experience that living in the heart of the Palm Springs Valley makes it easy as pie to find everything a savvy shopper could ever desire!  And I’m guessing that a gorgeous green automobile to match MY eyes will soon be in my future.  Barbara’s started quite the trend over there at Desert European!  And wouldn’t one of those sassy key fobs make the most perfect stocking stuffer?  //


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