So how do you cap a perfect get-away vacation in beautiful Rancho Mirage? The answer is obvious – you wash with elephants – pink ones – before you head back to town.

You’re relaxed. You have a smile on your face. You’ve played golf, slept in, luxuriated at a spa and enjoyed some great dinners with your significant other. Now it’s time to return to reality. But your sedan has been sitting out-of-doors and Mother Nature has left her calling card on the windshield. You can’t go back to town without looking as good as you feel. Since your wheels are an extension of your So. Cal. self, get to Elephant Car Wash for a little sprucing up.

The pink elephant sign has been a Rancho Mirage landmark since 1966. Some folks feel that the sign is our City’s only heritage landmark. For me it’s just fun and where I head to get my black wheels a weekly spit polish.

Owner Randy Barnes can be found working the check-in line and ensuring that all the customers are greeted and treated like a million bucks – after all this is Rancho Mirage – Playground of the Presidents. Bentleys, Land Rovers, BMW’s and Rolls Royce’s vie for Randy and his diligent team’s attention. Gleaming is the order of the day. The beautiful Lorraine Barnes might ring you up and try to talk you into purchasing a license plate frame glistening with a surround of Swarovski crystals – pink ones!

No plastic bristle brushes here. Elephant Car Wash uses only high-tech hybrid blend cloths that gently envelope your auto while high-pressure water streams chase every trace of desert dust away. This system guarantees a minimal risk of scratching. Then a swarm of folks hand wipes every drop of water and shines your car back to glory. In minutes you’re behind the wheel ready to face a return to reality.

The Elephant Car Wash is located at 71490 Highway 111 in Rancho Mirage. You can’t miss the pink elephant sign.


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