Cello's Pantry to go

There are myriad reasons I remain thankful for Bonnie Barkley, co-owner with husband Tom Steferak of Cello’s Bistro (in Cathedral City) and Cello’s Pantry (in Rancho Mirage). First and foremost, of course, is the fact that Bonnie’s food is some of the best for miles around…and that Tom’s homemade limoncello is prize-winning! Then there’s the fact that this couple gives back to the community. And these two are all about the customer’s convenience. I often pop into Cello’s Pantry on Highway 111 when I need the perfect foodie gift, or want to grab and go with lunch or dinner. I’ve always known Bonnie, Tom, and their team can cater grand affairs. But recently I found out another need that Cello’s Pantry is happy to fill.

A few weeks ago, my buddy Belinda from Baltimore organized a little girlfriend getaway in the desert. Eight ladies in all moved into one of Rancho Mirage’s many stunning vacation rentals for an entire week—with yours truly paying multiple visits (not to mention playing expert tour guide) during this happy holiday. The thing is, the home the gals rented was so grand and gorgeous that after days playing under the sun or lounging in the shade by the pool, we all just wanted to curl up and be homebodies. That said, nobody wanted to cook.

That’s where Bonnie came in. Did you know that Cello’s Pantry is more than willing to cater to small groups on single or multiple evenings? Well, you do now! Cello’s keeps it fresh and varied, and they even deliver. “We personalize the menus for guests taking any dietary restrictions into consideration,” Bonnie told me. “So they can plan out their entire stay.” Per Bonnie’s usual method, Belinda called up, had a quick conversation, and Bonnie submitted a proposal which was swiftly accepted. When Cello’s appeared at our doorstep every night with full multi-course meals in disposable containers, all we had to do was follow Bonnie’s heating instructions. It was heaven!

And remember: You don’t have to move into a rental property to employ Cello’s services. If you just want time off from your kitchen, let Bonnie know. She’ll be happy to take over and keep the family fed!


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