Chemical Peel for Two

Potter:  Dr. Maria Lombardo has been a godsend this summer.  She’s been my go-to partner as I planned my “summer refresher” regimen.  I’m fortunate that Rancho Mirage has no shortage of highly qualified medical practitioners, and as a board-certified general and cosmetic surgeon, Maria is one of the best in her field.  After having my first highly successful bout of Botox (which I plan to continue) to smooth some of the lines on my forehead, I also decided to have a bit of Restylane filler to get rid of the rather large line between my eyebrows that has annoyed me for years.  I’m glad to say it’s all been a rousing success.  But the finishing touch was having a TCA chemical peel.

Diana:  Not to be outdone by my fellow blogger, Potter, I decided that I, too, should treat myself to one of my dear old friend Dr. Maria’s chemical peels.  As a sun-lover from way back (you may remember, I recently wrote about my copious collection of bikinis), I knew I would benefit from this simple procedure.  Maria used a 20% solution, which is not terribly strong.  Yes, I did have a few days (about the third and fourth) where I was experiencing some major flicking and flaking, but by the fifth day, gorgeous pink skin emerged.  I felt like a beauty queen!

Potter:  I also decided on a 20% acid solution.  I know, it’s a bit freaky, isn’t it: trichloracetic acid!  But variations of this skin rejuvenation have been used since the days of Cleopatra.  The first day I could barely see a difference.  The second day, I started peeling, and the next few days I hunkered down at home and just did some indoor chores and let the process work its wonders.  On the fifth day, when my peel was just about complete, I shaved my few days of beard growth and showed off my new skin.  Wowza, talk about being refreshed!  I couldn’t be happier with my new and improved look.

Diana:  The good doctor reminded both of us to use plenty of sunblock on our newly emerged skin—which, frankly, I’ve done now for years.  (We’re not getting any younger!)  My peel shrunk my pores, evened my skin tone, and actually got rid of some of those little fine lines I’ve been agonizing over.  I don’t want to go crazy with cosmetic procedures, but it’s nice to know that the Palm Springs Valley has plenty of professionals like Dr. Maria to help me proceed when and if I do.