It is our distinct pleasure and honor to welcome a new blogger to Relax Rancho Mirage.

The love child of a mid-century silver screen legend whose identity has always been kept a mystery, Diana was born in Palm Springs and raised by her single mother, a cocktail waitress at the Palm Springs Racquet Club.  After graduating from Palm Springs High School, Diana fled to Hollywood.  Seeking to follow in her famous father’s footsteps, she dabbled in a series of odd jobs—extra, make-up assistant, receptionist—on various studio lots.  When an unexpected (and surprisingly large) anonymous inheritance came her way, Diana left Tinseltown for extended stays in the South of France, Mykonos, Rio, and Bavaria.  Throughout her globetrotting years, she was wined and dined—not to mention schooled in all the finer things in life—by the crème de la crème of well-to-do eligible bachelors (and more than a few flush, married family men).

Choosing to never accept any of many marriage proposals, she went around the world—twice—before returning home to the peaceful Palm Springs Valley.  Settling in a sumptuous abode in beautiful Rancho Mirage, Diana—a longtime lover of alliteration—now spends her days writing, and donating her time and her fortune to the charitable causes nearest and dearest to her heart.  Most generous of all with her coterie of loved ones, she remains Daddy’s Little Girl to this day—even if no one, not even she, really knows who Daddy ever was.  Diana never asked, and Mother never told, taking the secret to that great big cocktail lounge in the sky.

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