Dr. Ordon of TV’s "The Doctors" at the Desert Cities Woman’s Show

What woman doesn’t want to look her best?  I mean, really?  I know I certainly do.  And that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about this year’s Desert Woman’s Show at the wonderful Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage.  In its fifth incarnation—and this year’s will be bigger and better than ever before—there will be something for every woman under the sun.

Even with all the fun, food, and frivolity that will abound, I’m particularly partial to information presented on health and beauty.  After all, I am one of those “women of a certain age” who happen to care about such things!  In addition to a bounty of interesting booths, there will be all kinds of super speakers.  I’m really looking forward to Dr. Dan Olesnicky’s “7 Steps to Slow Down the Aging Process,” Dr. Mark Sofonio’s “Looking Hot at Any Age” (oh yeah, baby—I’m there!), and Dr. Steven Gundry’s “Drop the Weight for Good.”

But I have to say one of the events on Saturday’s Main Stage is the one that really caught my eye.  I’m a huge fan of the television show “The Doctors,” so I was so excited to see that Andrew Ordon, M.D., F.A.C.S., the Emmy Award-nominated host of the program, will be a featured speaker, along with his business partner Ritu Chopra, M.S., M.D.  Both are board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons—practicing right here in the Palm Springs Valley—and will be giving a presentation on skin care.  And I again ask you, what woman doesn’t want to hear about the latest and greatest skin care breakthroughs?  (Can you tell I’m excited about this expo?!)