Eisenhower Medical Center Nurses

Some of my treasured regular readers may remember my writing last summer about my pal Heather from Houston, she who sold her mini-manse and relocated to Rancho Mirage full-time.  One of the reasons Ms. H. felt confident in making the switch of locales is that her minor, non-threatening cardiac condition could be kept under constant care by the experts at Eisenhower Medical Center right here at the heart—pun entirely intended—of the Palm Springs Valley.

Just before last Christmas, Heather was put on a new heart medication that required a 72-hour observation stay at Eisenhower.  All went swimmingly, Heather took to the new drug like a desert roadrunner to a rabbit, and all the woman could talk about when she was released was the excellent, expert care she was given—especially by a particular trio of EMC’s nurses.

First there was Josh, whose work as an E.R. nurse—he was pinch-hitting on Heather’s floor—was surely one of the reasons he was so attentive, not to mention handsome as can be.  He was sure Heather wanted for naught.  Then there was Simona, a young Romanian woman who’d just recently graduated from nursing school and found a plum assignment among the roster of Eisenhower’s medical professionals.  She kept watch over Heather overnight, and was sure to gently wake her to say goodbye at the end of her shift.  Finally, there was Mar—short for Marcy—a working wife and mother with more than 36 years of experience under her scrubs.  She exuded not only all the calm, cool, and in-control energy one would expect but a sweet maternal vibe that endeared her to no end to Heather.

Of course, when I asked Heather to name her favorite Florence Nightingale, my friend balked, saying there was no way she could pick and choose between the trio.  Isn’t it nice to know that, in our hour of need, there are men and women at the ready who not only boast all the professional medical credentials we require but the good-natured humanity that makes a hospital stay as comfortable and carefree as possible?  So here’s three cheers—in the names of Josh, Simona, and Mar—for the entire membership of EMC’s nursing team!


Eisenhower Medical Center

Photo by: DavidALeePhotography.com