Marc and Cara have been snowbirds for the past few winters, luxuriating in their gorgeous Rancho Mirage condo while friends and family suffer through Chicago winters.   They arrived even earlier than usual this year, and we got together for a late lunch soon after they settled in.  Moments after sharing a slice of New York cheesecake slathered with strawberries, Cara complained about not feeling well.  Marc is usually the dramatic one, so we knew to take Cara’s concerns seriously.

Dizziness, sweating, and a rash on Cara’s arms and legs gave way to severe nausea.  A newfound allergy?  Food poisoning?  Not wanting to take chances, we immediately headed toward Eisenhower Medical Center’s E.R.

Thankfully, I haven’t spent much time in hospitals or emergency wards.  But if I ever have to, remind me to always be in close proximity to Eisenhower.  This is a facility to be reckoned with.  Beautiful décor thanks to the non-profit hospital’s legion of legendary benefactors.  State-of-the-art equipment.  And a staff of the most wonderfully caring and talented medical professionals you could ever hope to find.  So, Cara’s diagnosis?  Nothing more than too much sun!   Lesson learned.

While we whiled away time in the well-appointed waiting room, Marc and I chatted up an older, wiser couple of part-timers who gave us some very sound advice:  Marc and Cara should take full advantage of one of the most amazing medical facilities in the country and connect with a doctor they could call their own for the extended time they’re in town.  Marc promised to look into it—and he will!

To help Cara over her little bout of too many rays/too little sun block, I dropped off some succulent strawberries with whipped cream the next day.  Thankfully, no allergies.

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