Eisenhower Medical Center’s CarFit: Keeping Mature Drivers Safe

Eisenhower Medical Center’s Many Amazing Programs Include “CarFit: Keeping Mature Drivers Safe”

I often wake up in the morning and thank my lucky stars that I’m fortunate enough to live in such an amazing place as Rancho Mirage, where I’m right in the heart of the Palm Springs Valley and never more than a few stones’ throw away from all I need and want.  And one of the things I’m most thankful for is that I know that when and if I need quality medical care, Eisenhower Medical Center will be there for me.

My snowbird friends tell me that they check in with the doctors there as soon as they get to town to make sure they have the continued care they had at home.  And it’s also great to know that the Center has some of the best emergency and urgent care facilities in Southern California.

But beyond critical care mode, I’m also very thankful for all the great happenings Eisenhower offers the community.  There are so many lectures, programs, support groups, professional training seminars, and special events it would be impossible to list them all here.  There are always up-to-the-minute listings on the Center’s website.

One program that caught my eye recently is called “CarFit: Keeping Mature Drivers Safe.”  It will take place on Wednesday January 23, 2013.  It’s an educational program designed to find out how well drivers currently “fit” their automobile, and is sponsored by the Riverside County Office on Aging, Eisenhower Medical Center, AOTA, AAA, and AARP.  (This was an issue I had to deal with a while back with my aging mother—who somehow just couldn’t find the right adjustments to sit right in her car.)  A free check-up will ensure that drivers fit their cars property for maximum comfort and safety, and participants will leave with recommended safety adjustments, community resources, free giveaways—AND piece of mind!

I highly recommend checking the Eisenhower Medical Center’s calendar for all the amazing offerings that are currently available to the public—most for free.  It’s a resource that’s too valuable not to take advantage of!  at www.emc.org

Eisenhower Medical Center

Photo By: DavidALeePhotography.com

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