Eisenhower Medical Center

It’s so nice to know that Rancho Mirage-based Eisenhower Medical Center—a revered desert establishment if ever there was one—isn’t just a state-of-the-art healthcare facility that takes an interest in the people of the Palm Springs Valley when they’re ailing and in need. Rather, the hospital has all sorts of programs, lectures, support groups, and special events designed to take good care of us when we’re well.

One of my personal favorite health tools in EMC’s arsenal is the non-profit’s Healthy Living magazine, which is published quarterly. With a print run of some 61,000 copies per issue, the hefty, four-color glossy publication is distributed by mail; throughout the hospital at campus and off-campus clinic locations; and at the aforementioned special events and lectures. Based on recent surveys, readership is estimated at 100,000 at the very least.

The best part of the magazine, for me, is that its content is wholly original. That always makes for an interesting, helpful read. Launched in November 2002, Healthy Living—whose contributors include professional medical writers, community members, and physicians and nurses (many of whom are on staff at Eisenhower Medical Center)—was the recipient of the 2011 Gold Award for magazines in the Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Golden Advocate Awards.

I usually devour every new issue the minute I receive it, and in the current March-April-May edition, I was thrilled to discover articles on a wide variety of health topics. Next to an item about Eisenhower’s Mobile Heartbeat app that’s been installed on hospital-supplied iPhones was a fantastic piece on the health benefits—and do’s and dont’s—of hiking. Did you know that five things you can do right now to improve your health and well-being include scheduling a primary care visit, eat more avocados, adopt a pet, join or create a book club, and donate to your favorite local charity? The writers and editors at Health Living do, and they shared their wisdom with their faithful readers. And when I decide to cook for myself and eat at home—which does happen, I promise you—I try my hand at the deliciously healthy recipes the magazine provides. The most recent cover story is titled “Facing Alzheimer’s: What We Know Now,” and inside, the Physicians Roundtable dealt with dementia.

So I guess there’s a sixth way to take better care of yourself: Read Healthy Living! This handsome and user-friendly publication is just one more reason to love the award-winning Eisenhower Medical Center—which very recently became the Inland Empire’s first and only hospital to earn the prestigious Magnet designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Quite simply, there’s no higher tribute a hospital can receive for excellence in nursing.

In honor of National Doctors’ Day on March 30, give thanks to the goddesses of good health that such a venerable institution as Eisenhower Medical Center lives and thrives in our Valley.

Eisenhower Medical Center

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  1. Catherine Rogers

    I am trying to find the information in Eisenhower Living Well Magazine that was out several months ago with Pulmonologist Justin Thomas regarding his helping patients with COPD
    Could you tell me how I can look at that information online?
    My email address is cat4411@aol.com

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