The tram is open again after it’s annual servicing and the weather holds a touch of fall at the 8000 + altitude at the top of the ride. Let’s go. What a great time to experience the Palm Springs Valley’s top attraction. The Swiss made tram cars ascend the mountain in 8 spectacular revolving minutes. But what eight unforgettable minutes they are! Ottmar Liebert’s guitar music is on the speakers, and though it sounds a bit corny, the music adds just the right touch to the every up and up breathtaking assent. The car seems to hug the granite cliffs at times, but like the many birds of prey that swoop around the car and ride the updraft, you are on the same rapid upward trajectory. It’s an E Ride that a theme park could never deliver.

At the top you can explore the 54 miles of hiking trails in the Mount San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness. Free guided nature hikes are offered and for the intrepid winter lovers, the snow shoeing and cross county skiing opportunities are unequaled.

The Pines Cafe offers cafeteria style food service, The Peaks Restaurant provides full service dining with a FABULOUS VIEW, and the Lookout Lounge is for the lizards that need to imbibe prior to the return to the bottom.

Go to for details and tickets purchasing online.


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