Fulvio’s Foods in Rancho Mirage

I don’t know about you, but I’m a real sucker for a Renaissance Man—especially when he toils in my hometown of Rancho Mirage right in the heart of the Palm Springs Valley.  When he’s not serving as chief meteorologist for CBS Local 2—appearing on air both on that station as well as on KDFX Fox 11, plus hosting the entertainment-themed program “Eye on the Desert”—Patrick Evans (born Patrick Evans Iachetta) spends time creating the four varieties of his Fulvio’s Homemade Italian Sausages.

While the Virginia native arrived in the desert in 2002, settling in Rancho Mirage in 2006, it wasn’t until  2013 that he made good on his promise to commit himself to honoring hundreds of years of traditional family recipes, not to mention the dedication to craft of his father (Fulvio “Tony” Iachetta), by producing “the best sausage money can buy.”  Working with ShareKitchen in Cathedral City, Evans unveiled his full line—Sweet Italian, Spicy Italian, Sicilian Garlic & Cheese, and Lamb & Rosemary—and has never looked back.

According to Evans’ website, the secret to the incredible taste of Fulvio’s sausages lies in generous portions of fennel seed, an ingredient not found in most sausage product on the market today.  “Fennel is what sets Italian sausage apart,” writes Evans.  “Its distinctive crunch and anise flavor are what makes these sausages ITALIAN!”

Currently, Evans provides his product to four Rancho Mirage restaurants: The Slice, Sabatino’s, D’Carlos, and Babes Brew House & BBQ.  “These are all places I enjoy, so having my food on their menu is very gratifying,” says Evans, who is constantly reaching out to new eateries.  “I’m looking forward to expanding our presence throughout the valley.  I love going into our local eateries and seeing Fulvio’s Sausage on the menu!”  For the moment, the only retailer in the desert to stock Evans’ product is The Real Italian Deli on San Pablo in Palm Desert.  “But are we working on securing Rancho Mirage locations?” asks Evans.  “Absolutely!”  Stay tuned!



Photo by: DavidALeePhotography.com