I’ve always been one to gamble on a good time.  Like the first time I took that flying leap out of a single-engine airplane without really knowing how to pull my ripcord, or when I got a little too close to that hungry rhino when I was showing members of my African safari tour how bad the eyesight is for these amazing beasts.  Thankfully, both wagers paid off.  They always do, don’t they?  Which is why I thought it might be win-win to visit the weekend evening pool party at Agua Caliente Resort Spa and Casino.

No, I’m not the youngest ball on the beach, but mercifully the usual gang of guys and gals I hang out with in the desert embody the full range of ages, sizes, shapes, colors, and orientations.  Plus, no one is ever out of place at Agua.  Sure, the Friday and Saturday poolside bash skews toward a younger crowd, but in such an exquisite, wide-open space—with lights flashing, music thumping, and a few revelers splish-splashing around—everyone always has a great time.

With easy in-and-out privileges, we went back and forth between the casino floor (slot-loser extraordinaire here!) and the pool deck on the night we visited.  I’m actually surprised how few people found their way into the water.  None of my gang got wet.  We’d just come from dinner at The Steakhouse, and that childhood old wives’ tale about waiting an hour after eating before diving in is hard to shake.  But by the looks of it, those who did take the plunge seemed to be having a ball as they gyrated underwater to the beat of the talented DJ.  Everyone behaved like perfect gentlemen and ladies, with most folks—whether barely clad or buttoned-up—merely mingling, ogling beautiful bodies in bikinis and trunks, cruising, drinking, laughing, and hanging out with friends new and old under the stars.

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