Gay Wedding Bells in Rancho Mirage

Well, they’re finally going to do it!  Now that marriage equality has returned to California, my San Diego friends Stephen and Diego (real name, I swear) are tying the knot.  But best of all, they’ve decided to do it right here in the Palm Springs Valley.  Precisely which town is going to accommodate these fabulous nuptials remains to be seen.  For now, the only thing that’s certain is that I’m serving as the best man—to both grooms!

Naturally, the wedding planner in me is pushing for Rancho Mirage as the location of choice.  To me, it’s hands down the only option that really makes sense.  After all, since this is going to be an all-weekend affair, we need a luxurious resort big enough to house all the friends and family that will be coming to town from near and far for the big event.  The trick is going to be picking between Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa, Rancho Las Palmas, or the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa.  Trust me, I’ve had loved ones stay at each property multiple times over the years, and I’ve even been an overnight guest myself on occasion.  So I know firsthand that all of these four-star “homes away from home” have something unique to recommend them.

As far as the rehearsal dinner and the post-ceremony party goes, again, any one of this trio of resorts could fit the bill.  But something tells me that Stephen and Diego might want to opt for a more intimate restaurant setting.  And since the wedding is at least a few months out, I’m sure many eateries could arrange a buyout so that the wedding party can feel like it owns the place for this very special night.  My personal favorites, should I be asked to suggest them, would be Roy’s Hawaiian, Shame on the Moon, Wally’s Desert Turtle, Fleming’s Steakhouse, or Acqua Pazza at The River.  Each has a menu that is beyond reproach, a bar that slings some of the best and most potent cocktails for miles, and a romance factor that’s off the scale.

Of course, Rancho Mirage Florists can be enlisted to strike just the right petal pose, and we can ask Brandini Toffee to supply those sweet little chocolate surprises that will await each guest at his or her seat at the table.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I mean, the engraved invitations haven’t even gone out yet.

I’m just so excited about this upcoming celebration that I can barely contain myself.  After all, what California hotspot could be more perfect to host the thousands of groom-groom and bride-bride weddings that are being planned as I write?  Having met here years ago, Stephen and Diego know that Rancho Mirage has it all.  I’m certain it won’t take much convincing at all from yours truly.  And I’ll be sure to let you all in on the exact plan once we set it in stone.


Gay Marriage in the Palm Spring Valley

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