So you tell your guests that you’re taking them to The Living Desert to feed the giraffes. The reaction is tepid at best.  Everyone is distracted and chattering as they gather their gear and load into cars for the ten minute drive from Rancho Mirage to the attraction in Palm Desert. Your guests push through the entry turnstile still chattering and unfocused.  Together you stroll past the miniature trains and up a slight incline to the giraffe enclosure.  And suddenly there they are!  Right in front of you – Reticulated Giraffes.

The enormous heads of the elegant giants of the African savannas loom overhead – right overhead.  Their amazing necks stretching down – down – down to retrieve a tid-bit of a snack handed out by Living Desert volunteers.  By now your guests are mesmerized; inching forward in a line that gets increasingly quiet as the moment of contact becomes eminent.   Squeezed tightly between thumb and forefingers is a giraffe cookie. Hearts are racing.  Long purple tongues reaching to extended hands and then delicately snatching cookies is closely observed by all.  THEN IT’S YOUR TURN!

Feeding the giraffes at The Living Desert is a not to be missed Palm Springs Valley experience.   One you can have every day at 10AM.


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