HOW’S IT POSSIBLE? Weighing in at one hundred and forty-one pounds a baby giraffe hit the ground like a seismic event at The Living Desert on March 10! In the middle of the night with no warning a giraffe gave birth to a yet unnamed bull calf. In the morn, zoo keepers found the five feet and eleven inches new-born dry, nursing and walking around in the holding yard with Mom Dadisi, Dad Hesabu, and “Uncle” Pona. The giraffes were unfazed. The zoo keepers stunned. “Our staff suspected that Dadisi may have been pregnant because she was gaining weight, but we were not sure…” Ah the secret life of giraffes!

Lucky us! The new-born is now on display in what might be the most spacious and beautiful giraffe enclosures in the world. Daily at 10 AM the giraffes at the magnificent Living Desert in Palm Desert gather for “treats” handed out to visitors for a direct tongue-on-hand not-to- be-missed experience. Well trained volunteers can answer every imaginable question about giraffes – except how to tell when one is pregnant.


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