Sat behind an old gent as we jeeped to see the San Andres Fault. His pate was as bald as a baby’s behind. It looked as if he’d been doing head stands on his BBQ grill. No other way to describe his scalp – it was scab infested. Yikes! Come to find out he’s now paying the price for decades of sun exposure. Pre-cancerous growths sprout on his pate like mushrooms. He has to visit his dermatologist monthly for harvesting. You can imagine the effect. I asked the gent “Why no hat”? “Never wore one. Gives me a head ache”. Humm… seems like his head is aching a LOT these days.

I wear hats when I’m out and about in the day time – be it in summer sun or the occasional cooler desert day. For me they are more that a head protector. Hats have attitude. Fun to pick out new ones. Fun to wear old ones. The back of my dressing door is completely hung with hats. Last thing I do before heading out is grab one for the day.

Hats Unlimited is my hat source. This purveyor of head gear for ladies and gents – and little ones too – has only three So. Cal stores and one of them is at The River in Rancho Mirage. Fun to try on the Stetsons (my Dad wore a white one every day of his later years) but I gravitate to the Kangols, Life is Good and Tilley brands. My Aussie Style Snap Up is as durable as it is neat looking. And you can cram it in a backpack and when pulled out and donned looks good as new. Have black and white Kangols and am eyeing a navy blue one. Baseball caps are irresistible if they don’t have messages blazed across the brow, but I break my rule with Life is Good caps. This is a message that I’m happy to have on my head. As I hike in the Indian Canyons or ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the summit of Mount San Jacinto an occasional voyager will remark to me “Indeed it is”. Always takes a moment for me to grasp that they have noted and are responding to the message on my baseball cap. Life IS Good!

My black crushable Wool Ascot hat is a favorite in the winter. Love my Vintage Green wide brimmed Safari… I could go on and on. Stop by Hat Unlimited when you are in town and have an hour to spare. I bet you won’t leave the store with just one.


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