Howard’s Backdoor Gallery and Framing

Howard’s Backdoor Gallery and Framing

There are plenty of places in the desert to find frames, and lots of galleries to go to when you have an appetite for art, but there aren’t a lot of places that combine the two, especially as artfully as Howard Surdin does at Howard’s Backdoor Gallery and Custom Frame.  Located on Highway 111—right across the road from Desert European Motors in Rancho Mirage—the gallery and framing business is co-owned-and-operated by Howard’s son, Adam.

Recently I was invited by my dear friend Pat Kodet—an extremely talented photographer and painter—to a group show she was in called “Wax, Pixels, and Paint” at Howard’s Back Door Gallery.  Pat and the other artists who form the group Artists One Eleven (Andrea Raft, Charlene Helfend Land, Meg Walling, and Sylvia Torres) warmly greeted me and showed off their beautiful wares.  Of course, charming Howard was present, proudly presenting his stable of very able artists.  Even in the midst of a party, he was more than willing to chat with me about some of my framing needs, as well as some mirrors I was looking to have made.  Since he’s been in the business for more than 30 years, he pretty much knew everything there is to know about what I was looking for.  His talents are vast (including interior design, photography, digital retouching, archival preservation, architectural drawing, and structural engineering) and he has provided framing and mirror services for scores of hotels, casinos, luxury resorts, and individuals throughout the communities of the Greater Palm Springs Oasis—and beyond.  He even gave me a quick tour of his “back of house” workshops, and I was more convinced than ever that he could handle my small requests.

After bidding goodbye to Pat and her pals, I proceeded home to pick through all the art pieces that I wanted Howard to handle.  They are now all expertly completed and hung with precision with the help of my fellow blogger, Potter Palma.  Don’t overlook Howard and his Backdoor Gallery and custom framing as you whiz down the 111.  You’ll be missing one of the best framers—and interesting characters!—in the entire Palm Springs Valley.

Howard's Backdoor Gallery

Photo Credit: Paul Kodet