Love those Aztecs for inventing North America’s first indigenous distilled spirit. No wonder they were so willing to lose their hearts with Tequila, the preferred drink of the day. Centuries later, 300 million blue agaves a year are harvested northeast of Guadalajara to produce the nectar that makes Margarita’s irresistible. A Mexican barman of genius is credited for inventing the sweet and tart combination of Tequila, Triple Sec and lime with a circle of salt on the rim of a glass in the 1930s. Give the man a Nobel Prize!

Rancho Mirage provides a plethora of watering holes where you can refine your Margarita connoisseurship. But watch out this sweetness has a bite! Billy the long time bar keep at Wally’s Desert Turtle likes to keep his Margarita on the dry side. From a bar stool at this Steven Chase luxe designed restaurant, you can scrutinize the movers and shakers of the Valley savoring some of the finest fare in California. Right across the street at Bing Crosby’s, an elegant but more casual crowd sway to the rhythms of a live combo, order up slider trios – lamb, crab and beef – and sip bartender Mike Tarrallo’s delectable Pomegranate Margarita. Roy’s also within walking distance from our first two stops features Jimmy, “the handsomest bartender in the Valley”, at your service with his jigger. Jimmy’s concoction includes li hing mui, a Hawaiian secret ingredient that brings a little aloha to the Mexican elixir. The ground zero for Margaritas in Rancho Mirage is undoubtedly Las Casuelas Nuevas, the Delgado family’s fabulous sprawling hacienda style eatery. The cantina is where libations are served up with 50+ top of the line Tequilas! Renee presides at the bar, but it was bar manager Efren Gonzales who decades ago dreamed up the House Margarita that would make an Aztec envious.


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