Jeffery Sanker's White Party - Palm Springs

There are very few parties in the world that can boast an attendance of more than 30,000 revelers, eight distinct gatherings, and more costume changes than an entire Broadway season of musicals.  But those numbers—actually low by some estimates—are what we can realistically expect when a global crowd descends upon the Palm Springs Valley during Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party, held from April 6-9, 2012 with myriad events at various venues, the mother of them all being the official “White Party” on Saturday night at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

Universally acknowledged as the largest gay dance music festival in the world, the three days and nights of the White Party weekend bring a multi-generational crowd of participants from far and wide who come to soak up the sun, listen to some of the biggest and best names in live entertainment, and dance the nights away to the beat of a roster of legendary DJs that includes Rosabel, Wayne G., Nervo, and Hector Fonseca.  On Saturday night especially—and as usual—partygoers will don the traditional white-wear, ranging from the most elaborate feathered, beaded, and bedazzled outfits imaginable to the simplest of shorts, swimwear, and g-strings—not to mention everything in between.

Aside from Saturday’s big shindig, the diverse weekend includes daily pool parties at the Renaissance Hotel, the Friday opening night “Boxers or Briefs” affair, the late night/early morning 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning Nocturnal Party (which follows said big shindig), and of course, the highlight of the weekend for many, the outdoor late Sunday afternoon Tea Dance replete with its signature Ferris wheel.  Diehards who just can’t get enough of a good thing can kiss White Party 2012 goodbye at the late Sunday/early Monday morning Closing Party.

Following in the famous footsteps of previous White Party Palm Springs star performers Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Ke$ha, and Robyn, Mary J. Blige is the headliner lucky enough to be chosen to serenade the masses on Saturday night.  Other entertainers throughout the extravaganza include a wide spectrum of performers, including Kimberly Cole, Jesse and the Toy Boys, X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro, and disco legend France Joli.

Full weekend passes to every event are not for the faint of heart but still available.  Those who may want to indulge in a dance party or two can purchase a la carte.  Either way, this weekend gives the dancing queen in all of us the opportunity to boogey the nights—or days—away

Jeffery Sanker's White Party - Palm Springs