I’ve been a bit of a coffee fiend ever since my old airline days, sipping that beautiful concoction in amazing locales around the world. So I was very happy when, a few years back, Palm Springs-based Koffi opened their Rancho Mirage outlet on Highway 111, right across the street from Desert European Motorcars. It’s my go-to place for a morning or afternoon jolt of caffeine (or decaf, if you prefer), and a pastry, snack, or sandwich, even though sometimes it’s difficult choosing from Koffi’s full menu of hot and cold drinks that also include a wide selection of teas. I’m always surprised by the number of Palm Springs Valley folks I run into there—it’s virtually a who’s who!

As you may know, Koffi is the only coffee purveyor in the desert to roast all its own beans, giving its brews the freshest taste in town. Not only are Koffi’s house blends amazing, now it even offers specially blended roasts for a number of local valley restaurants, including Wally’s Desert Turtle and Thunderbird Country Club. So it’s easy to take away a pound or two for home consumption. And new to Koffi are their single serve K-Cups, which I love using in my Keurig coffee maker when I’m on the go.

Open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Koffi is a great place for a casual business meeting, a fun lunch with friends, or a drop-by beverage pick-up. www.kofficoffee.com

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