Just had my niece and her daughter in town for the weekend with a high energy two year old baby boy in tow. He’s a cutie but wound up like a top, and needs a lot to keep him focused on the positive. You know the challenge, we’ve all been there.

By accident I stumbled into the Mother Lode of entertainment for little boys. We headed to The Living Desert thinking that the animals might be a fun distraction. On the way to the Giraffes we strolled by the model trains. BONANZA! Two hours latter we were still ensconced on a bench overlooking the model train display while our little guy took in every detail.

Details abound. The G-Scale Model Train at The Living Desert covers a huge area. There are cities, gold mines, harbors, farms scenes – everything you can imagine – with model trains zipping here, there, and everywhere over the miniature landscape. Elderly gentlemen are on hand repairing tracks and trellises. Our little guy was as fascinated with what they were doing as he was with the trains.

Take my word for it. This is the Palm Springs Valley’s hot ticket for little boys!


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