Marx Madness in Rancho Mirage

If your impression of the City of Rancho Mirage Public Library is one that brings to mind a staid, silent place where laughter seldom should be heard, think again.  On Saturday, March 22 from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.—and again on Sunday, March 23 from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m.—in the Community Room of this beloved institution, Bill Marx will host what is being billed as the funniest event in 100 years: “An Outrageous Weekend with the Marx Brothers.”

Many may not know it, but it was a century ago (already?) that Leonard, Julius, and Arthur Marx made their stage debut as Chico, Groucho, and Harpo.  To celebrate the illustrious—and hilarious—trio’s worldwide influence on comedy, the CGH Society (Chico, Groucho, Harpo…get it?) is presenting these two very different evening and afternoon shows, admission to which is free to the public.  And should you be wondering about the host’s credentials, Bill Marx—son of Harpo—is the president of the CGH Society, which boasts some 759 members from 19 countries.  There are 300 available seats at each show.

If you’re as big a fan of the Marx Brothers’ genius as I am, you won’t want to miss either of these very special happenings.  Saturday evening’s program will include a panel consisting of Marx family members and other invited guests, a screening of favorite Marx Brothers movie clips, and a Q&A during which audience members will surely learn more than a few things they never knew about the funny boys.

On Sunday, Bill Marx will present never-before-seen outtakes from Marx Brothers movies, footage from Marx home videos, and rarely-seen-today Marx Brothers performances from the early days of television.

Like so many wonderful events hosted in this beautiful and versatile space, this program has been funded by the generosity of the Rancho Mirage Public Library Foundation.  If, like me, you plan to attend this festival of hilarity, email or call 760-861-0401 to reserve your seat.

Rancho Mirage Library