My Rancho Mirage – Kimberly Codding


Kimberly Codding

Kimberly CoddingTime with my darling husband Gabe is my idea of a perfect day. We’d start with a hike up the Bump and Grind which ends at a spectacular overlook view of Rancho Mirage. Then on to a hearty breakfast on the patio at bluEmber at Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa where we can look up at the mountain we just climbed. Next we slide into Spa Las Palmas for a couples massage followed by an hour or so of holding hands and taking in the sunshine at the Spa pool. To end this perfect day, I’d select Wally’s for a long and romantic dinner.

Kim is a Rancho Mirage golf instructor. She is taking this season off as a stay at home mom. Her daughter Gabriella is one year old and soon another little Codding will be joining the household. Kim and her husband Gabe oversee their church’s Operations Good Works program that distributes food and conducts community outreach in the Palm Springs Valley.

Kimberly’s Rancho Mirage

  • Ride the The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway straight up from 80 degrees to snow in ten fantastic minutes!
  • In the early fall take a day trip to Apple Valley in Oak Glen.
  • Hike to the Cross above Palm Desert.
  • Play a round of golf with your loved one in the late fall when the weather is perfect and the courses deserted.