New Digs for Palm Springs Art Museum

To live in the luxuriousness of the Greater Palm Springs Oasis makes me one of the luckiest ladies alive.  As a result, I love to spend time with friends who come out to enjoy the desert for a weekend, a retreat, a family getaway, or a bit of a cosmetic freshening up.  And frankly, I love showing off all the terrific things to do within a short trek from my retreat in Rancho Mirage.

One of my new favorite outings is to head over to the recently opened branch of the Palm Springs Art Museum down the 111 in Palm Desert.  Located in the beautifully reimagined 8400-square-foot, LEED-certified Reuel Young building that was originally designed as the Palm Desert Visitors Center, “The Galen” (named after generous benefactor Helene Galen) currently houses a beautiful opening exhibition called “Rodin to Now: Modern Sculpture” that features more than 30 pieces that include Auguste Rodin’s “Cybele” and “Glaucus,” two Picassos (the beautiful bronze “Pregnant Woman” and the small earthenware “Owl), and a number of contemporary objets d’art, one of which is a personal favorite: a sky-high stack of yellow saucers by Robert Therrien.

Exhibits will change many times throughout the year, and with plenty of places to sit and relax—both indoors and out—I can see myself spending a lot of time here.  Of course, I’ll still make my way down to the main museum in downtown Palm Springs on occasion.  Isn’t it nice to have options?  And speaking of which, keep your eyes peeled for yet another mini-branch of the Art Museum, this one to be located in the recently acquired, magnificent midcentury modern Santa Fe Savings and Loan building in Palm Springs.  Housing the architecture and design collection, this treasure is expected to be unveiled in 2013.New Digs for Palm Springs Art Museum