Fantastic fun for family members of all ages can be had at the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies.  But let’s face it, those in their forties, fifties, and beyond will especially get a kick or two out of the special blend of nostalgia, vaudevillian-style acts, and unapologetic patriotism that is on display nine times each week, seven months of the year.

When most performers fear being put out to pasture, the “long-legged lovelies” and the “Follies Gentlemen” parade the stuff they love to strut with pride in Palm Springs, where impresario Riff Markowitz only hires performers over the age of 55.  Yup, these are “seasoned” show guys and gals!  In its 21st season at the historic Palm Springs Plaza Theatre (which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year), each player is introduced in aging order, ranging from 58 to 82 years young.  With glittery, feathered costumes that will knock your socks off—and routines that would challenge a dancer of any age—you’ll be dazzled the whole night long.

This blend of Broadway-caliber song and dance and stand-up comedy—Rex the talking dinosaur baby courtesy of ventriloquist Brad Cummings was priceless—plays to packed houses year in and year out, and has allowed audiences to savor a world-class roster of rotating guest stars such as Melba Moore, Peter Marshall, Carol Lawrence, and one of my all-time favorite “Mothers-In-Law,” Kaye Ballard.  On my last visit I was personally serenaded by the divine John Davidson, looking as youthful as ever with his mane of silver locks mere weeks before his 70th birthday.

Many patrons frequent the Follies every season to enjoy each new show.  It’s always on my list as a “must do” for those who come to visit.  Don’t delay getting tickets, as they often sell out well in advance.   And look for me in the audience, wishing I could dance like that!

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