The Rancho Mirage Auto Spa takes resort pampering of Palm Springs Valley guests and residents one step further—it spoils your car!  Hiding in plain sight across the street from Rancho Mirage City Hall at the corner of 111 and Frank Sinatra Drive, this emporium of automotive pleasure will have your car smiling from bumper to bumper.

Even before becoming a regular, I was given a hearty welcome by manager Jerry, co-worker Terri, and the rest of the hardworking team.  But now, it’s like they can read my mind.  Most often I’m there for just a weekly deluxe wash to keep my beloved vintage Jag looking spiffy.  But after a particularly windy and dusty bout, or a shopping trip that wreaks havoc on the interior, I’ll forego the usual and opt for an Interior Super Clean or an Express Hand Wax.  They also offer a full range of services, including carpet shampooing, convertible dressing, tire dressing, and the best custom detailing around.

This longstanding car wash recently changed hands and was rechristened Rancho Mirage Auto Spa by new local owner John Sellers.  With over 25 years of experience operating a vehicle detailing business in San Bernardino, Jerry was very happy to find a property that would allow him to offer his brand of superior services to customers in the Palm Springs Valley.

My Jag is a bit of a finicky creature and not a big fan of car-washing machines.  He’s always happy as can be when his vents have been blown, his interior shined, and his outside washed and polished—all by hand.  (There are no machines at Rancho Mirage Auto Spa; just humans!)  I’m not sure whom the crew is more prone to please with their affordable and excellent spa services, me or my Jag.  But we both always drive off with a smile.

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