I don’t know about you, but I just don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like pancakes.  My friend Paul—a corporate road warrior from Seattle—loves them almost as much as he loves his regular business trips down to the Palm Springs Valley.  Such is his devotion to his favored flapjacks that he won’t stay anywhere else but at Rancho Mirage’s Holiday Day Inn Express.

Why?  Because one of the amenities this property provides its patrons is the Holiday Inn Express Hot Pancake Machine, with which guests do-it-themselves, hit a button, wait about 60 seconds, and are treated to two hot, tasty golden griddlecakes to start off their day.  Of course, all the other perks—affordability, an accommodating staff, comfortable rooms (each equipped with microwave, refrigerator, and a great bed), free WiFi and local calls, the fitness and business centers—also help attract Paul and his fellow trade trekkers (during the week) and families (on weekends).  General manager Peter Morales has even partnered with the adjacent Applebee’s (located literally steps away), which functions as the property’s de factor full-service bar and restaurant.  They’ll even fulfill room service orders—and give hotel guests a 10% discount!

It’s no wonder, then, that Paul and other nomads like him have chosen to join Holiday Inn Express’ Priority Club, the world’s first and largest hotel loyalty program.  Thanks to the chain’s family of brands, Paul’s points can be redeemed at more than 4,500 hotels worldwide, from Montreal or Mauritius to Buffalo or Bora Bora.  Depending on your (free) membership level, other awesome advantages include guaranteed room availability (at least 72 hours in advance), priority check-in, complimentary upgrades, and extended check-out hours at all Holiday Inn Express locations.  And of course, don’t you dare forget about waking to the welcoming waft of those perfect, palate-pleasing pancakes.

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