Potter Asks, “Is it Time to Freshen Up?”

It’s no secret that the Palm Springs Valley is an amazing place to visit for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.  And when a visitor returns home after time spent in our fair desert it’s not uncommon for their friends to marvel at how fabulous they look.  But what may not be so well-known is that aside from the beautiful weather, the dry clime, and the abundant spoil-worthy options in which to indulge, places like Rancho Mirage are packed with professionals who make it their life’s work to make people look better.  Yes, I’m talking about none other than cosmetic surgeons.

I’m as vain as the next guy (OK, well, maybe just a tad more), but it hadn’t occurred to me until recently that is might be time to “freshen up my look.”  Sure I’m a guy who’s lived a bit, and I don’t really mind growing older gracefully, but is it a crime to want just a little bit of help?

Recently at a cocktail party thrown by my pal Jim, I met a very interesting woman named Maria who told me with a sly wink that she was an artist.  She explained that after getting her art degree she decided she wanted to go to medical school and become a surgeon.  Standing before me was none other than Maria Lombardo, DO, board-certified general surgeon and cosmetic surgeon.  She confided, “This is my artistic expression.”

There is a list a mile long of great doctors in town, but for me a personal connection is always best.  I have my first appointment with Dr. Maria on Tuesday to see what she can do to help me look just a little bit better.  Botox?  Fat implants?  Filler?  Oh, my…  Wish me luck.


Potter Asks, “Is it Time to Freshen Up?”