Potter Finds Mor Furniture…for Less

There’s a new furniture store in town, and I, for one, jumped at the chance to check it out.  As a Palm Springs Valley designer based in Rancho Mirage, I feel compelled to know what’s out there so I can offer my clients the best—and often the best values—around.  And that’s exactly what Mor Furniture offers in spades: value.

Starting business in 1977 in San Diego as a water bed store (Remember water beds?  I miss those crazy things!), the company continued to grow throughout the West Coast and operated under the name “Superstores of America” during the ’90s.  With more than 20 outlets in seven Western states, Mor Furniture recently opened in Rancho Mirage on 111, with additional expansion planned for the desert region.

On my first visit, I was suitably impressed by the store staff, having been warmly greeted the moment I walked in.  Karla was glad to give me the grand tour and the lay of the land.  Mor offers a full selection of styles that includes traditional, contemporary, and modern with furniture for the entire home—and the entire family.  To make shopping a bit more fun for everyone, popcorn, cookies, and soft drinks are on hand free of charge, and the upper level, which caters to kids, even has video games to occupy youngsters while adults do serious shopping!  Music videos and contemporary movies that continually play throughout the store are fun for all.

But what’s the REAL draw to Mor Furniture?  Good, sturdy, nice-looking products at reasonable prices.  Living room.  Dining room.  Bedroom.  Mattresses.  Kids & Teens.  Entertainment.  Rugs.  Accessories.  Lamps.  The list goes on and on.  The Rancho Mirage store carries some of the brand’s finer lines, which I know some of my clients will really appreciate.

It’s always great to have more choice.  Mor Furniture fills a great niche for shoppers in the valley.