Potter Goes Under the Knife

All of us who live or visit the Palm Springs Valley are so fortunate in so many ways.  And when it comes specifically to Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, we’re privileged in a particular trio of fashions.  First, we get to marvel at the magnificence of the EMC campus every time we drive past it on Bob Hope Drive.  Second, our minds are eased by the sheer comfort of knowing that—should we ever need its top-notch healthcare services—the hospital is in our backyard.  And third, when the time for us to be treated at EMC does come, we benefit not only from its kind and expert staff plus its army of generous volunteers but from its absolutely state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Up until very recently, only the aforementioned privileges numbers one and two applied to me.  The last time I’d undergone any type of major medical procedure was when I had my tonsils removed as a boy many, many moons ago.  It was therefore with some dismay that I suspected I’d developed an inguinal hernia—a common and relatively innocuous protrusion of abdominal-cavity contents that affects almost a third of men and is caused by a weakened inguinal canal and abdominal muscles.

When my general practitioner, Dr. John Stansell of Eisenhower Health Center at Rimrock, confirmed my homemade diagnosis, he referred me to Dr. Scott Gering at EMC.  I was seen by the latter just over a week later, and my outpatient surgery at the Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Center was scheduled simply and swiftly for the first mutually convenient date.

I arrived on the morning of my late-February procedure feeling cool, calm, and collected.  Eisenhower’s reputation precedes it, and Dr. Gering was a nice guy who had earned my full confidence.  The volunteers who greeted me, the staffers who checked me in, and Nurse Kendra who prepped me could not have been more professional or welcoming.  Dr. Daniel Nelson, the anesthesiologist who put me under, was gentle and swift.  Before I knew it, I was back in recovery, attended by Nurse Debra, a sweet and beautiful Florence Nightingale who relocated to the desert from cold, cold Canada a few years ago.  Soon Dr. Gering came by to confirm that my minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery could not have gone better.  And after offering some solid post-op instructions and advice, he told me I was free to go!

Not only am I now hernia-free and on the mend at home, but the next time someone asks, I can personally vouch for the fact that a stay at Eisenhower is just what the doctor ordered!     www.emc.org

Photo by: DavidALeePhotography.com

Photo by: DavidALeePhotography.com