Potter Goes Under the Syringe

The moment I stepped into Dr. Maria Lombardo’s Cosmetic Surgery office I felt completely relaxed.  I was quickly whisked into a patient room for my consultation, and had what ended up being my very first cosmetic treatment.  After meeting Maria socially (where I basically confided in her my deepest, darkest cosmetic desires), we set out to see what it was that I actually needed, wanted, and could comfortably afford when it came to freshening up my look.  We’re not talking about a facelift (at least not yet), just some procedures to help me look like I dropped a few years—and got a couple of good night’s sleep!  Thankfully, Dr. Maria is a board-certified general AND cosmetic surgeon, so when and if I need more extensive work, I know where to go.

It’s no surprise that Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today, since it’s a relatively inexpensive way to relax facial muscles and diminish lines that basically make us look our true age.  I have had what I call a “scowl scar”—a deep line between by eyebrows in the area the doc tells me is called the “glabella” (not the prettiest word!)—for as long as I can remember.  And don’t even get me started on my long forehead lines.  Without any hesitation, Dr. Maria prepped me and started my Botox treatments.  She explained that the glabella was pretty deep, and that after we saw how much the Botox relaxed the profound crevice, we would determine if we should use a filler (Restylane Juvederm, etc.) to smooth out the line.

Within a few days, it happened.  I could no longer perform my customary “scowl.”  I already felt younger!  I’ll be back in to see the doctor soon to find out what we need to do next…