Question - Where is Rancho Mirage?

Q:  Where is Rancho Mirage? 

A:  “In the Heart of the Palm Springs Valley!”

I’ve always been fascinated by marketing and advertising, and love how clever people figure out ways to “sell their products.”  But I took for granted the marketing slogan of my adopted hometown—“Rancho Mirage: Heart of the Palm Springs Valley”—until a friend recently asked why it wasn’t the “Heart of the Coachella Valley”?  The “heart” part was easy, as it’s pretty obvious that Rancho Mirage is pretty much in the center of the valley.  But the “Palm Springs” part wasn’t quite so clear.  So I went to the source.

Five years ago, Rancho Mirage City Council members, including current councilman Dana Hobart, were brainstorming about ways to put Rancho Mirage on the map.  Granted, this great city of 17,000+ residents is home to Eisenhower Medical Center and the Betty Ford Clinic, Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa, Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Las Palmas, The River, and a total of 12 golf courses.  But it STILL could get a bit lost in the many desert communities of the Greater Palm Springs Oasis.  And therein the councilmembers found their answer… Link it up to one of the most famous resort cities in the world—Palm Springs.  Since the distance between the city borders is barely over two miles, it made sense.  The “Palm Springs” lifestyle brand is known worldwide, and is much more recognizable  than the geographical name of Coachella Valley (notwithstanding the amazing name recognition of the Coachella Music Festival).

I do love my valley, and adore living in the center of it all in Rancho Mirage.  So if linking it to the sundrenched reputation of Palm Springs brings more people here to enjoy it, I’m all for it!  Come on out and spend some time in the heart of… well, you get the picture!


Dana Hobart

Photo courtesy of Dana Hobart