Rancho Las Palmas’ Delicious Delights with Chef Billy Deaver

Rancho Las Palmas’ Delicious Delights with Chef Billy Deaver

Billy Deaver, the exciting new executive chef at bluEmber at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa, knows a thing or two about food.   His 12 years in the restaurant business have been marked by creativity and innovation, which is clearly evident by his interesting new food and wine programs at the resort.  (We’ll get in there soon and report back on his recently revamped dinner menus!)

I met this remarkable foodie at a cooking class he presented at Rancho Las Palmas on a crisp autumn Saturday a few weeks ago.  He was presenting holiday dishes that were on “the lighter side,” and that thankfully didn’t taste “light,” only super delicious.  (No, I won’t reveal any of his dishes here—you’ll have to take a future class for yourself!)  But one thing I can say is that Chef Billy’s farm-to-table-inspired recipes all start with the freshest ingredients.

Last evening, I attended the grand opening of the Rancho Las Palmas Produce Market Showcase, where some of Deaver’s favorite produce vendors showed up with a wide selection of the freshest fruits and vegetables imaginable—most picked that very day.  Two of the restaurant’s favorite farms were represented, both located just southwest of the Palm Springs Valley in Temecula (Crows Pass Farm) and Hemet (Sage Mountain Farm).  Their goods were so gorgeous I bought every bit of my holiday entertaining produce, including mini-tomatoes, a variety of mushrooms, eggplants, and carrots.  Last night, Dave and Tina of Crow’s Pass were selling the very fascinating Tahitian Squash, native to Peru and which can grow up to 30 pounds yielding sweet, orangey, butternut squashy flesh.  My huge chunks are destined for a curried squash soup!

The Produce Market is open to the public and will take place monthly on the beautiful terrace of the resort, just outside bluEmber… a perfect place for a cocktail around their huge fire pit, or dinner in the restaurant after your shopping foray.  BTW, RLP has teamed up with Hidden Harvest to help provide food for those less fortunate in our Palm Springs Valley, and donations of over $10 of produce will yield the donor a 20% discount coupon for bluEmber.  Everyone wins with that scenario!

Check out the resort’s website for all their great upcoming food and wine events!   www.rancholaspalmas.com 

Farmers Market

Photo by: DavidALeePhotography.com