40thCocktailChallenge1Adrian Franco has been with Babe’s for more than 10 years (and trust me, they don’t call this place “Babe’s” for nothin’!), revealed the ingredients in his “Sunnylands Spritzer.”

About My Drink

Cocktail: Sunnylands Spritzer


  • champagne
  • ginger liquor
  • vodka
  • raspberry-flavored Belgian Lambic beer

The latter of which gives the concoction a perfectly pale pink hue that is calculatedly close to the color of the walls that surround Sunnylands.

About Where I Work

Babe’s ‘Bar-b-que & Brewhouse, centrally located at The River, opened its famous doors in 2002, the dream come true of founder Don Callender (yes, that Callender), Today, Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse is a successful testament to his vision.
There’s Nothing Like It In Coachella Valley.

That’s why folks come from Orange County, San Diego and all over the world whenever they’re in town. And why locals choose Babe’s as their favorite, all-season hangout for dinner and a movie or shopping, Happy Hour and definitely for Monday Beer Appreciation Day. There are franchises galore you can visit anytime. But there’s only one Babe’s.
You Won’t Leave Hungry (Or Thirsty).


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