RMbartenderCoryOn off days Cory Como lazes with his black lab, Chewy, plays golf and works out.  At work he’s a fast moving jigger king.  Catalan crew member since the popular restaurant burst on the scene in 2012 Cory delivers attitude with his remake of the Brazilian national drink – a Caipirinha.  Que delicia!



About My Drink

Cocktail:  Mirage Caipirinha


  • LeBlar Cachaça Rum
  • Muddled mint leaves
  • Sparkling Grapefruit San Pellegrino
  • Garnished with Mint and Shishito pepper


Where Cory Works

Catalan is a Mediterranean themed restaurant with an emphasis on Italian and Spanish cuisine. Launched in 2012 by father and son duo Mark and Drew Davis, Catalan sources its products exclusively from local and sustainable sources whenever possible with the goal of providing its clientele with a farm to table dining experience.  


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