Efren moved to the desert 28 years ago when he was 17 years old.  In 1986, Efren began work at Las Casuelas Nuevas as a busboy.  He then moved to Bar Back and eventually became Bartender.  With his hard work and leadership ability he became Head Bartender.  It didn’t take long before the owners recognized that not only would he be good as a bartender but also as a Manager.  He has been a Manager of Las Casuelas Nuevas ever since.  When Efrin isn’t working he loves spending time with his children and working in his garden.



About My Drink

Cocktail: Delgado’s Mirage Margarita


  • “Centenario” Plata Tequila
  • “Bols” Blackberry Liqueur
  • “Partida” Organic Agave Nectar
  • Fresh Lime Juice.
  • Blended together and poured into a salted margarita glass that’s filled with ice.

Where Efren Works

Las Casuelas Nuevas is a local culinary institution and a staple of Restaurant Row that has stood the test of time serving great Mexican food in the Coachella Valley for over 35 years. Tradition and a relentless commitment to dining excellence inspired a unique fusion of timeless tastes with modern style.


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