RMbartenderJohnnyHolding court for 18 consecutive years, Johnny Dawson has literally been there and done that from here to the moon. His Mirage Moon exemplifies his experience and propensity for crafting a distinctive adult beverage. His elegant entry’s flavor is a big as his Texan origin.



About My Drink

Cocktail: Mirage Moon


  • Crater Lake Vodka
  • Bol’s Triple Sec
  • Rose’s Lime
  • Pama Liqueur
  • Shaken vigorously and delicately strained into a chilled martini glass garnished with a lemon twist

Where Johnny Works

Centrally located, Shame on the Moon discretely opens its doors seven nights a week to a sell out crowd of locals and visitors alike.  “Shame’s” menu is eclectic and has evolved over the years to a collection of freshly prepared dishes that customers have come to love including pastas, steaks, fresh fish, veal, pork, duck and even homemade meatloaf.  


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