Rancho Mirage Celebrates 40 Years… Cocktails Anyone?!

I remember well when Rancho Mirage became a city in 1973, and frankly, I have a hard time believing it was 40 years ago!  The time has flown by, and so many wonderful things have happened to my super adopted city.  Known worldwide as a resort destination in the heart of the Palm Springs Valley, Rancho Mirage has hosted a multitude of presidents, world leaders, and titans of industry, a majority of whom stayed with the Annenbergs at their spectacular home at Sunnylands while others fortunate in different ways luxuriated at the Ritz Carlton (finally reopening in October 2013 after a lengthy “hiatus”) or one of our other beautiful resorts.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the city, a slew of exciting events have been planned that include special proclamations and an open house at City Hall, honorary programs at the Kraft Nabisco Championship and autumn’s Art Affaire, a community picnic, concert, and park expansion ground-breaking, Movie Nights in Whitewater Park, a charity golf tournament at Mission Hills, and not one, but two fun food and beverage contests!

In the fall, there will be a Citywide Dessert Competition—I’m so there!  But what excites me even more is the Citywide Cocktail competition that will kick off the 2013 40th Anniversary Celebrations.  Because, after all, what says “fabulous desert living” better than colorful cocktails in the scintillating sun?!

I happened to be dining at Babe’s Bar-B-Que and Brewhouse at The River with some single friends on Valentine’s Day (yes, friendly readers, Diana Dodge finds herself abundantly available these days), when one of my favorite bartenders offered me HIS creation for the Rancho Mirage Cocktail Challenge.  Adrian Franco, who has been with Babe’s for more than 10 years (and trust me, they don’t call this place “Babe’s” for nothin’!), revealed the ingredients in his “Sunnylands Spritzer.”  This tasty drink includes champagne, ginger liquor, vodka, and a raspberry-flavored Belgian Lambic beer, the latter of which gives the concoction a perfectly pale pink hue that is calculatedly close to the color of the walls that surround Sunnylands.  My whole gaggle of girls ordered the drink, which I might add goes down extremely smoothly, especially on a night like Valentine’s Day!

I wish Adrian and all the other able bartenders in town the best of luck as their creations compete for the title of Rancho Mirage’s Best Cocktail.  (The winner will be announced on April 13th, 2013.)  And, just think, this is only the beginning of the 40th anniversary celebration of Rancho Mirage.  Not a bad way to begin!  //whereisranchomirage.com/rancho-mirage-40t-anniversary-celebration/

Photo By: DavidALeePhotography.com

Photo By: DavidALeePhotography.com