One of the things I absolutely adore about living in this gorgeous resort community is the complete embarrassment of riches available to both visitors and locals alike.

As a library-lover for as long as I can remember, I cherish the happy memories of moments when Mother would take me to choose books to borrow.  Each would whisk me away to another world.  As an adult, I now take full advantage of the striking Jeffrey A. Scherer-designed City of Rancho Mirage Public Library in the heart of town.

Opened in 2005, the building boasts quiet-inducing cork floors, walnut and chestnut wood accents, and plenty of natural light, all inside a stunning building clad in glass, Minnesota limestone, and copper.

With well over 100,000 books and recordings—plus enough seating for 160 people—this stunning space often finds me meandering through its many aisles as I pick my poison from among the countless categories, including personal favorites like history, architecture, and self-help as well as biographies and fiction, of course—both classic and pulp.

Besides borrowing books, I love indulging in all the other amenities that the library has to offer.  There is art to be appreciated, cinema to be seen, lectures to listen to, authors to applaud—not to mention intimate classical concerts and dizzying book discussions.  If you want a bit more of a challenge, don’t miss the political pondering.  And if you’ve got kids, you—and they—will love the lively events scheduled, as well as the literary lending for children of all ages.

Open every day save for Sunday, the Rancho Mirage Public Library gives me no excuse to not continue to enrich my days and nights with the help of beloved books.

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