Rancho Mirage Real Estate – Fit for a President!

So the rumors have been swirling, and everyone from gossip columnists to socialites are speculating on the plans of our second-term president and his wonderful wife as to where they’ll settle when his White House duties are up in 2016. Three recent visits to Rancho Mirage over the past year seem to reveal a budding relationship between Mr. Obama and our beautiful oasis in the Palm Springs Valley. Granted, two of them were pretty much professional trips where he found himself conducting high-level business with world leaders at our city’s esteemed Sunnylands, the former estate of the late Walter and Leonore Annenberg. But it’s the Father’s Day trip that really got tongues a’ waggin’.

Word spread far and wide that with the Obamas staying with friends in one of Rancho Mirage’s premiere communities, Thunderbird Heights—and the 8200-square-foot former home of novelist Joseph Wambaugh right next door just happening to be on the market—the presidential and first lady were looking to buy property in town. And who could blame them? Reputed to be “the playground of presidents,” with legendary visits from Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and two Bushes (not to mention being the long-term retirement home of President and Mrs. Gerald Ford), Rancho Mirage would be a perfect fit for Michelle and Barack. But alas, as has been recently announced, it was not meant to be for the Obamas to purchase that palatial estate; it has been sold to a Nebraska trust.

But the President—as well as any other potential Rancho Mirage homebuyer—need not fret. There are plenty of options available in our fair city, including homes as humble as sweet single-bedroom condos perfect for weekend getaways, medium- and large-size abodes perfect for family life and indoor/outdoor entertaining, and grand estates that rival some of the biggest and best properties in the world. (No, Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s 249-acre Porcupine Creek is not on the market!) Local Rancho Mirage real estate professionals are always available to help the Obamas—and you!—find the perfect home right here in our slice of heaven.

Obama's buying Real Estate in Rancho Mirage